17 October 2013

Fresh minced beef

I'm a real fresher now, feels a bit weird. Am I really here and am I really studying abroad in a university? Judging by what's been going on these past weeks, it does seem so.

Freshers week was, well, fresh. I talked to new people which was a bit scary, got my student ID, went to see what societies do, got drunk, really drunk (think 4‰) and went to see free movies. I'm quite satisfied with it even though I felt like a piece of minced beef after the night out. I didn't drink alcohol after that for a couple of weeks.

Student life has begun, we're eating macaroni and pizza while skipping lectures. That's what students do in university, right?

We've settled in fine in our new flat. Apart from the woodlice and GIANT spiders it's a nice flat. Haven't had any problems with our new flatmate Kata either, she's straightforward, clean and tries her best to understand us. Of course it might be that it's just the surface and I've managed to bribe her grudges quiet with cider, food and favors with computer support and furniture. Speaking of that, I managed to put together a wardrobe without any instructions or previous knowledge what it should even look like! Seems like my furniture building skills are the best in this house, so I'm the one who does them. The wardrobe in the picture unfortunately isn't the previous one, this one is mine current one, hopefully I'll be able to fill it with beautiful clothes in the near future, right now I've managed to save the front image of it by filling it with Tiia's ball dresses :D

Shopping time! Student loan yay! I bought a custom laptop (nicknamed it the Lecture Killer) from utopiacomputers that is yet to arrive. It's pretty powerful and can run the latest games too so I don't have to use the bulky desktop for my gaming needs anymore. Speaking of which, after a break I've managed to find some time to play again. Guild Wars 2 has been on my screen these past days and the halloween event in there just started. We grinded a few achievements with a friend today and I'm progressing quite well. Leveled my second character to 80 and got the cutest armor ever for it. Oh, and got my ass handed to me in World versus World.

Other shopping news: new glasses, a corset and skirts. Lots of skirts, pleated ones. I'll probably make a whole new post about my clothes shopping in the near future. This all made possible by the fact that my money well aka an empty house is now gone and my financial problems aren't so acute anymore!