16 September 2013

Where am I? How did I get here? Why am I here?

The first post, where to begin! :) Where am I? How did I get here? Why am I here?

I've lived all my life in Finland, up until this point. I have previously wanted to study/live abroad and applied to do an exchange year in Japan while studying. I went through the interviews and filled forms and all but in the end didn't get to go there. A bit sad, but I got over it. I finished my vocational school in Finland and got a job as a software developer for the Finnish Meteorological Institute that was situated at a University of Helsinkis campus. The work was fun and I got paid, but seeing all the students buzz around the workplace and being stuck in a glass cubicle myself left me wondering if I'm missing out on something by leaving the student life so early and never even really living it. 

Then I got to know a girl who lived in Scotland. I went and visited her a couple of times and started to like it here, the culture, the cities, the little things. I saw the double deckers and danced country dances. People talked in a different language and everything from new shops to street names was something to marvel at. Even the paving stones were exciting. It was refreshing to be in a new environment. So I did something crazy in my books, something I didn't think I'd dare to do. I quit my job and actually moved here. Having some friends here beforehand from the previous visits made the decision easier as I wouldn't be all alone in a new place. 

When I first started to think about moving here I also begun to dream about studying some more. It was late summer and the deadlines for applying to universities were long gone. There was the one hope of a clearing vacancy but it was a long shot. With my education history being only vocational computer stuff from abroad it was even longer. Regardless I tried. I could always look for a job to make a living if the student-plan wasn't successful.

After queuing in the phone for a few hours, calling universities for the vacancies I got through to the University of Aberdeen, the one I liked the most. They actually had a vacancy in computing science and told me they'd take a look at my application. After I didn't hear back from them for a couple of days I got worried. Turned out that they had no record of me applying there! What followed was a series of phone calls and email exchanges with the University with formal complaints and hearings. A month after I first called them I got it:

Unconditional offer to do Computing Science in the University of Aberdeen! Open the champagne bottles, I'm going back to school! A bit over a week until school starts and I'm in, I'm not even sure if I've really realised it myself yet. I'm eagerly waiting to study, make friends and just live my life.

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