17 January 2014


The constant problem of packing. I've recently seen videos about the contents of other peoples luggage and am baffled by them. Do you really need a tennis bracket and your own plates when you go on a trip? I say that you really just need your passport, a method of getting money, as in a credit card, and the clothes you're wearing. After you realise this packing becomes really easy. I just went on a 3 week holiday to Finland and packed my stuff in 20 minutes. These minutes also contained washing the dishes and turning the flat upside down while searching for my finnish SIM-card. Okay I admin I had pre-packed my Christmas gifts beforehand while wrapping them.

There also had to be space for the stuff I still had to bring here from Finland that didn't fit at the time I moved here. Have I mentioned that everything I currently own fits in a car? And I mean really everything I own. It's very refreshing to get rid of stuff you kind of don't want to get rid of and when you have space to store them, don't get rid of. Now I'm free to move wherever I want without any constraints. Luckily for my current well being I'm happy to live here in Aberdeen, I'm not sure if I had the strength to move again in such a short time.

I don't know who would buy just one of these
Oh yeah, the packing. Do you really need five shoes, twelve dresses, a coffee maker, your Ming dynasty porcelain elephant and clean underwear while travelling? Well clean underwear I do get, but you don't really need extra shoes or dresses do you? It's a luxury that you can live without. You totally can survive with just the shoes you're wearing while travelling. Maybe one extra pair, be it shoes for night-life or hiking, but that's it. A few shirts or something else for the upper body, a few skirts/trousers/jeans for the bottom part and you're fine for outfits. On longer trips you can wash them and they'll last a lifetime. Underwear and socks too, they don't even take that much space.

Even if you forget everything, you won't die. I assure you you can buy everything you need from our destination as well. There are people living there too, and they've survived living there as you'll probably see when arriving there. So means of getting money, and a passport for getting into the country is everything you need. Don't stress about what to pack, just pack something and it's fine.

Random pictures continue. Here's my understanding of Europe.

Guess I'll have to travel more to get it right the next time :D Although I'm not sure that it'd help since I didn't really know where I live. I don't really know why Tiia and Tiia were laughing so hard when they watched me draw this out. Sadly it's also in Finnish since we were in Finland at the time I drew this.

Next time I'll be travelling with just hand luggage. I'm sick of hauling a suitcase around with me, and I won't be able to leave it behind locked doors while I'm supposed to be flying either. Cheaper too. The picture below is the travelling we did during the Christmas holidays. Tell me in the comments about your packing practises! A quick tip for flying that I learned this time: your luggage weight is rounded down, if you're allowed a 15kg bag, it can weigh 15.9kg and you don't have to pay any extra.


  1. Kiva postaus! Mä olen aina tykännyt pakkaamisesta. Joskus 18 -vuotiaana ennen festareille menoa kirjoitin päiväkirjaan listan siitä, mitä pitää ottaa mukaan. Ja ennen matkoja mun tekee mieli alkaa pakata monta päivää ennemmin, koska se vaan on musta niin kivaa. En tiedä, miksi. Ehkä siksi, että matkailu on niin kivaa, niin ajattelen pakkaamisenkin sen yhtenä kivana osana. Mun mielestä jopa muuttopakkaaminen on hauskaa! Omistan kyllä ihan liika asioita, mutta viimeksi kun muutin takaisin Turkuun, heitin valtavasti kaikkea pois, se oli kyllä mukavaa.

    Mutten kyllä silti ole hyvä pakkaamaan. Otan aina liikaa mukaan. Vaikka tiedän, että tulen ostamaan lisää asioita. Kun menin au pairiksi, mulla oli ihan liikaa tavaroita, mutta käytin niitä kaikkia. Vaihtariksi mennessä mulla oli sentään vain kaksi laukkua (yksi ruumaan plus käsimatkatavara, ja vieläpä Ryanairilla). Onneksi, kun sitten palatessa oli yksi laukku lisää. Reilipakkaamiseni on myös vähän toivotonta. Mutta haluan aina matkalle kaikki kivoimmat vaatteet. Onneksi matkustan kesällä lähinnä, niin ei ole niin paha juttu pakata kymmenen mekkoa mukaan, kun ovat kevyitä ja pieniä. Olen aina käyttänyt kaikkia, ja vieläpä pessyt kerran tai kaksi kaikki vaatteet matkan aikana ja ostanut lisää. Ja pesuvaiheessa vaatepussi on haissut ihan hirveältä. Mä vain tahdon olla puhdas ja kivoimmissa vaatteissani matkaillessani, vaikka toki olisi fiksumpaa pakata vähemmän, koska ihan varmasti pärjäisi. Kun sitten kuitenkin valitan rinkan painavuudesta melko usein... Mutta en mä kyllä vaatteiden lisäksi juuri mitään mukaan ota, jonkun kenkäpain, hiusharjan ja ehkä hygieniatuotteita (vaikka ne mielumin shoppailen matkalta).

    Mahtava tuo Euroopan karttasi. Vähän siinä sua avustinkin... Tai annoin vihjeitä :D.

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